Kalli’s Professional Organizing Testimonials

Kalli is intelligent, composed and brings professional bearing to whatever tasks she takes ownership of. She thinks ahead, anticipates, and foresees contingencies. Kalli is a team player and a solid contributor with a mature, seasoned perspective.

She adapts her skills to any challenges she faces very successfully.

Kalli has been such a tremendous help to me with my department meeting. She coached me me on what questions to ask, what to pay for and what I should not. I had our Legal department review my contract, and then asked Kalli to review it.

She is really a great resource and saved me, and our company, a lot of valuable time and money.

One seldom meets such a professional, determined, organized, detail-oriented, and cost-effective minded person than Kalli. During my time as Editor of the corporate magazine at BAX Global & DB Schenker, I was invited to participate in hundreds of executive and employee events all over the country; most planned by Kalli herself. Not only did she ensure everything ran smoothly and that every detail was in place, she also negotiated fabulous contract rates on behalf of the company. Kalli’s events were always spectacular! I highly recommend Kalli.

Kalli’s communication skills have always been exceptional, and she is incredibly organized. You will always know what is on her mind, she can discuss problems or situations freely, and is a caring and thoughtful person.

People feel safe trusting Kalli with their secrets. She is extremely organized and detail oriented. Many times I have seen her inspire others to get things done in an organized and timely manner due to her many talents, on both a personal and professional level.