“Feel like your ‘place’ just isn’t enough space”

– or –

“Feel like your space isn’t any space at all?”

Whether your home or office is palatial, or a cozy upscale loft space for you or your business, Eye for Order will put space in your place, and pull it all together into one perfect area, room by room, in ways that work for your life, your work, and what you love to do in your spare time. The organization of the rooms in your home, office, or business, as well as your personal belongings, will greatly benefit your life and your future.


• Organizational Training / Coaching
• Workload Management & Paper Flow
• Space Planning and Design
• Executive Offices
• Staff Cubicles
• Conference Rooms
• File Rooms / Stock Rooms
• Filing Systems & Storage Solutions
• Supply Organization


• Full Home Organization
• Room-by-Room Home Organization
• De-Cluttering
• Living Areas
• Game Rooms
• Study / Home Office
• Kitchens & Pantries
• Craft / Sewing Rooms
• Bedrooms, Teen Rooms, Kids Rooms
• Playrooms
• Closets
• Bathrooms
• Storage Solutions
• Laundry Rooms
• Garages

Other Services

• Interior Design
• Home Staging
• Holiday Decorating
• Home & Estate Inventory
• Event Planning
• Parties / Business Events
• Personal Shopping
• Garage Sale Preparation
• Moving – Packing & Unpacking


” Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. “

— Albert Einstein —


Why Organize?

• Less Stress

• More Consistency

• Fewer Lost Items

• Increased Productivity

• More Time / More Money

• Ultimate Harmony With Your Surroundings


“I’ll make your home a pleasant and harmonious place to live in, and your office a calm and productive place to work in.”

Benefits of Organizing

For example, just by organizing your home and office areas, and keeping them that way, you save yourself an amazing amount of frustration and time. Professional Organizing Services allow you to put your energy into more productive things, and allows you much more time for all the things you love to do. We start by breaking down your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks. I help you keep it simple, and draw from resources that are part of your everyday life to keep your spaces in order.




Time & Energy

If you’ve been thinking that organizing will save you wasted energy when you can’t find anything, or when something happens when you discover you bought yet another item that you already have three of, YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! The reality is that you’ll be twice as amazed at how much time and energy you’ll have once your space is de-cluttered and organized. You will finally have time for the things you really WANT to do with your life. No more guilt and frustration over the clutter keeping you stuck in a repetitive pattern. Let me give you the POWER and the TOOLS to change your life forever.

Clutter Control

By transforming your spaces, you transform your life. Those places of clutter and catastrophe become efficient, calm, and enjoyable areas of your house. I will work to rid you of excess ‘things’, assist you with organizing what you need and want, and help you maintain your spaces by teaching skills that will allow you to keep it all in order.





It’s almost funny, but garages are a specialty of mine. I learned long ago that a garage is the main place where we put the stuff we don’t want to think about, household overload, the stuff we don’t want to make decisions on, as well as tools, seasonal items and holiday decorations. I’m an expert at bringing a garage to order. In fact, over the years, I’ve had many neighbors stop by commenting on how neat and tidy my garages were in the different homes I’ve lived in, commenting that they wished theirs were the same, and jokingly asking if I’d help them with theirs. For me, I’ve always wanted my garage to be as clean and orderly as my home, free of dirt, dust and bugs. And, believe me I feel good when I park in a tidy space.

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