Meet Kalli

Meet Kalli

Professional Organizer


Throughout the several careers I’ve enjoyed in my life, from being the ‘right-hand’ to many top-level Executives, to Event Management, Professional Actress, Model, Dancer, and now Professional Organizer, I have always been the go-to person for putting things in order.

I see myself as someone put on this Earth with an extra special sense of how things fit. And, I have used this sense to bring order and harmony, and especially more valuable free time, to my client’s home lives, my own life, and the lives of those I love. I thrive on working with executives, management & staff members within corporate environments as well, teaching them the advantages of living and working in organized spaces without chaos and clutter, which dramatically increases productivity, decreases stress, and creates harmony. I see each new day in my work as an opportunity to help my clients by providing them the tools to live a happier, more productive life at home, and in the workplace. I am truly inspired to help every person that reaches out to me, both personally and professionally.



Professional Organizer, Ardent Arranger of Life

Hello, my name is Kalli, and I am often referred to as ‘incredibly organized’ and as the ‘ardent arranger of life’. I help people create a more organized and harmonious environment, whether in the home, home office, or in their professional lives, which may happen in dozens of different spaces. I teach my clients the basics and how to break down the task into smaller more manageable parts, one room at a time – one space at a time. I also know that we all have weaknesses, as well as strengths, things we can do better than others. I identify these areas with my clients and build on them. My emphasis is on assisting those who aren’t organized, and/or those who simply don’t have the time or skills to do so. Many of my clients are usually stressed and frustrated with their homes or offices being out of order and in constant chaos. I assist or single-handedly organize any given spaces of homes, or within business environments, to create an efficient, comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, as well as emphasizing the benefits of being organized, and providing the guidance and tools to keep it that way.

My Earlier Life

After experiencing a difficult childhood, full of adversity, unhappiness, and insecurity, I ventured out on my own at fourteen years old to work and create a better life, which has been full of diversity, adventure and success, with a few bumps along the way of course. Always wanting to give back, I volunteered for a time counseling families, which really helped me deal with my childhood difficulties. I later adopted and raised two children, who also came from a very adverse background, whom I nurtured and provided the love and guidance to become, hardworking, loving, caring adults, and I adore them.

I lived and continued my business career in the Denver area, and furthered my education, majoring in Business Administration and Communications, with a minor in Psychology. In my spare time I was a nightclub and radio disc jockey and loved to dance. I began dancing ballroom as a young child. In the mid 70’s I danced professionally and was a frequent champion on the ballroom circuit. I later studied with a local coach and became a television actress. I was signed and represented by two agencies, and was featured in local & public service commercials, as well as being a spokeswoman for the local John Elway Toyota Dealership.






Landing in Orange County as a Professional . . .
Gaining Insights as an Organizer

I moved to Orange County, California in December of 1998, where I continued my career in the corporate world for a number of top-level executives in a wide array of industries as a high-level Administrator and Event Manager. This gave me even greater perspective of the problems of organization within the corporate environment as it relates to productivity and success. I became aware of not only the problems of organizing an executive’s business life, but his or her personal life as well. While I am proud of my professional achievements, there is still one important personal thing on my bucket list that I am determined to make a reality. And that is to swim with dolphins in a natural environment. I believe they are the most amazing, intelligent and friendly creatures on earth. I also have a great love for horses and dogs. I’m allergic to dogs that shed, but I still love many breeds and have owned five of them during my life. What some people don’t know about me? I love the old cartoons and have quite a collection.

Today I live in South Corona, California, and seek everyday to help people find the time to do what they love, while still building on all aspects of their lives. I derive great satisfaction from helping people improve their lives by improving their home and business environments. In the end, clients enjoy feeling content when their respective spaces are organized, and they see how much time being organized will save them, giving them more quality time with their families, and time to do fun things they don’t usually have the time to do. Each job is different; dependent upon each client’s needs, but the outcome will be the same . . . much less stress, more time, energy, relaxation, fulfillment, and harmony in your life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how I can share my skills as an ‘ardent arranger of life’ to help you organize your spaces. Remember…’Organized spaces, create ‘happy faces’.

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