Professional Organizing FAQ

Home Inventory

Why Should I Have a Home Inventory?
The #1 reason to inventory the contents of your home is for insurance purposes. To remember all your household items and belongings post theft or disaster is not only difficult, it’s downright heart wrenching. A Home Inventory is also a great tool for use in creating an Estate Plan to protect your loved ones in the case something should happen to you. It’s a very beneficial tool to assist you in dividing the assets within your estate. By having a home inventory done by a professional you’ll also be assured the best insurance and tax benefits cover any losses, financial or otherwise.

What is a Home Inventory?
Together, we will discuss and document lists, by category, of all your valuable and meaningful personal items, whether located in your home, garage or storage facility. I will then complete a detailed report for you.



What Will Be in My Home Inventory?
Your Home Inventory will include quantities, descriptions, values and any loss associated with each item. It will also contain bills, receipts, serial numbers and other documents to assist you with any potential claim(s).

Quantity, description, actual cash value (if different from purchase price) and amount of loss associated with each item. The inventory will also contain the room in the house where the item was kept. The information in these lists will contain all the necessary information that your insurance company and/or attorney/executor needs by law to insure or divide your beloved possessions.

Why should I have Eye For Order complete my Home Inventory?

I will include all documentation, including video documentation if desired. A copy of the Home Inventory will be dated and kept at a safe, off-site storage location. You will also receive a copy; which I recommend you keep in a Safety Deposit Box or at other safe, secure location away from your home. I will update your inventory at the end of each year at a discounted rate, ensuring you will never have to go it alone in keeping your list up to date.

Home Staging

What is Home Staging?
Home Staging has been proven to boost the value of your home when it’s on the market for sale. Like building a set on a movie theater, home staging is where your home is redesigned to tell a story and maximize the decor and design to maximize the positive impression on viewers.

What are the benefits of Home Staging?
Staging allows potential buyers to get the full effect of your space, and see how well your home can function. This can increase the number of offers and final selling price of your home. Plus, as I stage the home, we will be de-cluttering as well; something very necessary and important to do before putting your home on the market. Potential buyers want to see an organized functional home, which is also tastefully arranged to show off your property to it’s highest degree.

Why hire someone to do Home Staging?
First, you get two things done for the price of one. All clutter gets removed; which is half the battle in moving. You can then either donate your items, or pass them on to whomever you choose, and arrange to have them picked up. Secondly, all the things you won’t need for the remaining time you’re in your home get packed away and are ready to move. I have years of experience in organizing and design, and have a highly refined and skilled eye for seeing how your space can be rearranged to impress the prospective buyer. This makes all the difference in ensuring your home sticks in their memory. It also greatly increases the odds that it will be your home that they remember, and hopefully bring you a great offer!

Holidays & Special Occasions

Do You Provide Assistance with Special Occasions and Holidays?

Party & Event Planning
Yes. I have extensive experience in planning, organizing, and managing special occasions, both personal events and events within the corporate world. I offer ‘Party’ and ‘Event Planning’ services, as well as decorating for dinner parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special events. I am very creative in arranging space with color themes to fit any theme, your lifestyle, and your personality. I can create a wondrous world of elegant whimsical or fun decoration throughout your home, or just in a designated area, inside and out.

Holiday Decorating
I also provide indoor decorating services for any of the ‘magical’ holidays throughout the year. My favorites are Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving . . . in that order! Believe it or not, I also decorate for Valentine’s Day!

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